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May 30 / Greg

Mikrotik RB951-2n

This is the 750 formfactor but has built in B/G/N wireless.

  • 300MHz CPU
  • 1.5dBi
  • 3W power draw
  • 32MB RAM
  • B/G/N wireless
  • MSRP of $45
  • I’ll personally be buying and using these pretty extensively…depending how good the reception is. I’ve no doubt you guys will be doing the same 🙂


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    1. Brian / May 30 2012

      I’ve stopped getting excited about Mikrotik releases. They post up pictures and specs of awesome new hardware and then they’re not available for sale until they’re old hat.

    2. Greg / May 30 2012

      Normally that is pretty true, though if it hits it usually means they are close…closeish. I’ll hit up a distributor to see what his lead times are like.

    3. O! / May 30 2012

      Mm.. yeah but it’s one antenna stream, but on the 751 there is two?

    4. Greg / May 30 2012

      I believe the 751 has 3 antennas. One send, one receive and then one shared.

    5. O! / May 30 2012

      Of course, I meant three, but the there is still less on the rb951, but on the other hand the size is beautiful 😉

    6. Daniel / May 30 2012

      And with the 751 being 1000w, i would go with this every time for the price difference

    7. iam8up / Jun 1 2012

      You also lose 1dbi of gain, which isn’t a big deal, but MIMO and better antenna well exceeds the $15 price savings for me.

    8. Greg / Jun 1 2012

      +1 to that.

      I heard from a distributor that the equipment ship time is way out in the future.

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