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May 15 / Greg

Mikrotik RB2011LS-IN And SEXTANTG


  • 1 SFP slot
  • 600Mhz CPU
  • 5 Gig ports
  • 5 FastE ports
  • 6W power pull
  • 64MB RAM
  • This is the first routerboard that has fiber ports. These are going to make cool little POP routers or tower base routers. How interested are you guys in this RB? Who is dying to get one of these?


  • 400Mhz CPU
  • 18dbi antenna
  • 5W power
  • 32MB RAM
  • 1 Gig port
  • Level 3 license
  • When you guys have some real world tests please send me some specs…something other than the test bench 😉


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    1. Tim Payne / May 16 2012

      I have a set of the original Sextant’s and they work real well. The only difficulty I’m having is mounting. RF Elements manufactures a real nice mount for the SXT that allows a liberal freedom of movement to adjust the the antenna. They currently do not offer a similar mount for the Sextant but someone said they saw a prototype version at PL-MUM. Hopefully that will be offered soon.

    2. Greg / May 16 2012

      Very cool. I’ve mounted a couple of SXTs and the stock mounting options are limited.

    3. Freddy / May 16 2012

      D: 5 watt ??

    4. Greg / May 17 2012

      If you were using a 30V PoE then that would be .17 amps or .2A at 24V. Not too bad.

    5. Justin Wilson / May 17 2012

      anxious for the 2011. Might eliminate a media converter for me.

    6. Greg / May 17 2012

      I figured I would be hearing that a lot 🙂

    7. onsongo / May 21 2012

      I am with @Justin, I have a couple of media converters that I am looking to replace with 2011’s. I wish it had more SFP cages or they made a RB with 8 SFP cages.

    8. tom / May 21 2012

      I ordered 5 2011’s about 2 weeks ago cause, you know, it has fiber man…

      Just been postponed by Mikrotik by another 3-4 weeks :S

      Funny thing is, the bare board versions are here already, so it seems they are having problems with the case…

    9. Greg / May 21 2012

      Wacky…thanks for the update!

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