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Apr 23 / Greg

Mikrotik V5.15 Released

What’s new in 5.15 (2012-Apr-20 13:11):

*) ssh – added option “/ip ssh always-allow-password-login” which will allow
password based login for users using public key;
*) snmp – moved disk oids shown in console from “/system resoure” to “/store disk”;
*) certificate manager – added PKCS#8 support for key import;
*) lte – support for modems which utilize sierra_net driver with product ID 0x68a3,
serial interface is no longer accesable for those modems;
*) quickset – added AP mode;
*) smb – fixed authorization problems, shares should now be browsable;
*) dhcp client – revert NTP settings on dhcp client disable;
*) dhcp server – use DNS server from DHCP client (broken in v5.13);
*) sstp – made it working on Pentium 4 again;
*) added support for usb forwarding over tcp;
*) webfig – fixed uptime column in hotspot active users list (and other places as well) ;
*) webfig – hide design skin button if user does not have
sensitive & policy permissions;
*) webfig – do not allow to upload/download files
without write/read & ftp permisions;
*) webfig – fixed blank page when logout, undo, redo, hide-menu or safe-mode were hidden in skin,
*) winbox – show connection tracking max entries properly;
*) winbox – make interface name sorting more stable;
*) winbox – do not reset user password when changing it’s properties;
*) rb1200 ether6,ether7,ether8 did not support big packets when linked at 10/100Mbps;

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