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Mar 26 / Greg

TheBrothersWISP – Podcast # 1

I’ve started a new podcast series. The idea is to include chats about pretty much whatever seems interesting at the time.

This one was quickly after the PL MUM so Andrew and I talked about some of the hardware that was announced. There are going to be more guys in on things soon, but since they were at a conference without me I hate them all for the moment 😉

Topics include:

  • The CCR-1036
  • RB2011L-IN
  • SXT G-5HnD
  • Groove 2Hn
  • What we would like to see this year
  • Pointless banter
  • Anyway, pop on over and watch the video or grab the audio.


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    1. J.J. Boyd / Mar 26 2012

      Hater gona hate! 😀 Where did you get that Rush Limbaugh mic Greg? I want one if I ever get to provide my commentary 🙂

    2. Greg / Mar 26 2012

      When Rush lost all his sponsors recently they need to liquidate some equipment, so I was kind enough to buy a mic. 😛

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