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Mar 23 / Greg

Mikrotik MUM USA 2012 Announced

New Orleans, LA September 27-28

I do believe I will be there…will you guys?


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  1. Tim Payne / Mar 24 2012

    Planning on it already… Lot’s of interesting things to do in MSY…Not to mention good food.

  2. Omega-00 / Mar 24 2012

    Very tempting, although I’m also thinking of holding out for an EU MUM that I can visit (or perhaps they’ll have one in the UK? :-D)

  3. Greg / Mar 25 2012

    I love to eat! I’m sure the old lady and I will spend several days prior stuffing our faces.

    I’m looking forward to hitting one of the European MUMs…if you are going to be there I certainly have to make it!

  4. N.R. / Mar 26 2012

    I don’t think there will be a UK MUM. Slovenia could be next, in March 2013. Or some other central european city.

  5. Abiola Oseni / Mar 26 2012

    I will be there. I will like to present as well.


  6. Greg / Mar 26 2012

    I’ve never been anywhere in EU, so anywhere would be pretty cool with me =)

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