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Jan 23 / Greg

Mikrotik V5.12 Released

What’s new in 5.12 (2012-Jan-19 14:31):

*) console – allow to specify blank interval on x86 screens;
*) console – changed ‘password’ command, now can be used from scripts and api;
*) winbox – reorganized window layout to match console better;
*) ssh – fixed interoperability problem with psftp based clients;
*) implemented simple SMB (windows file sharing) server;
Wait wait wait…SMB server?!?!?! Does this mean we can use a USB HD and dump to the Mikrotik? Can I script SMB operations? I LOVE THIS UPDATEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!
*) fixed ovpn-client – client stopped working if it was enabled/disabled at wrong time;
*) fixed ipv6 – ipv6 neighbor discovery stopped working when
interface arp setting wasn’t set to enabled;
*) console – minor fixes and improvements;
*) console – added support for compact export;
*) hotspot – added login redirect through http status 302;
*) leds – added default configuration for R5SHPn wireless card;
*) ppp – fixed problem were remote-ipv6-prefix was not given to user if remote-ipv6-pool was
*) winbox, webfig – sort ethernet interfaces properly when more than 10 exist;
*) added QuickSet to RBSXT, RB411, RB711;
*) user manager – command to create and assign user profile from console;
*) added support for LTE modems (cdc ethernet type);
*) fix gre tunnels on x86 and other little endian machines;

I’ve just noticed a bug. On my 751U when you reset and click the “remove default config” button, it doesn’t seem to remove it…hehe. Not toooooo big an issue, but annoying none the less.


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  1. rickytato / Jan 23 2012

    Also use microSD in RB450G to make simple file server ?

  2. Greg / Jan 23 2012

    I’m hoping so!

  3. iam8up / Jan 25 2012

    What uses does that actually have?

  4. Greg / Jan 25 2012

    I’m thinking quick network file dump? I don’t like to open file sharing on my local machine…perhaps just using a thumb drive in your MTK would do the trick.

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