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Dec 13 / Greg

Mikrotik V5.10-5.11 Rapid Fire Release

What’s new in 5.11 (2011-Dec-12 11:05):

*) hotspot – fixed https login (broken in v5.9);
*) eoip: swap tunnel id bytes to be compatible with previous versions;
*) eoip,gre: fix setting config

What’s new in 5.10 (2011-Dec-09 11:49):

*) snmp – provide extended interface statistics when availabe;
*) dhcpv6 client – use link-scoped multicast address;
*) dhcp client – renew dhcp lease on ethernet link up event; Great feature
*) ipv6 gre tunnel added (/interface gre6) supports ip and ipv6 encapsulation;
*) ip gre tunnel supports ipv6 encapsulation;
*) allow setting bigger trafflow cache;
*) improved RB1200 stability when using ether9,ether10;
*) fixed RB1200 stability issues when using crypto hardware acceleration;


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  1. Justin Wilson / Dec 14 2011

    5.10 bricked some rb1200’s. 3 of them actually. had to do netinstalls.

  2. Greg / Dec 14 2011

    And there you have it..hehe

  3. Tim Payne / Dec 15 2011

    So much for testing prior to release, eh.. ?

  4. Greg / Dec 15 2011

    I’m assuming they dropped 10 to quickly fix a bug, which killed 1200s for some reason…

  5. Tim Payne / Dec 15 2011

    More than likely…
    Honestly though, I haven’t had any problems with the releases others have had..Just lucky I guess. I’m not a WISP yet, so others might be having other issues I wouldn’t see in my very modest little lab environment. 🙂

  6. N.R. / Dec 16 2011

    Nope, v5.10 actually fixed the RB1200 problem introduced earelier. Reason for v5.11 quick release was that v5.10 eoip didn’t work.

  7. Greg / Dec 16 2011

    Normis to the rescue! Whenever I see people getting sassy on here I always wonder how long it will take you to respond…hehehe.

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