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Nov 2 / Greg

Mikrotik ROS V5.8

Handful of updates.

What’s new in 5.8 (2011-Nov-01 10:14):

*) snmp – fixed problem where some rows were missed
in a few tables when walking them;
*) ipv6 – added support for router address assignment from ipv6 pools;
*) routerboard – fix RB400/RB700 bootloader upgrade problem
*) radius – respond to CoA & Disconnect requests with the same ip address
it was received to;
*) improved webfig look;
*) webfig – do not allow to show secret passwords if user does not have
sensitive permission;
*) webfig – allow to customize all item names in skins;
*) updated timezone information;
*) lcd – added support for new ax93304 model and nexcom LCDs;
*) ppp – added support for ipv6 pools;
*) ppp – added support for Framed-IPv6-Pool radius attribute;
*) dhcp client – fix high CPU usage when interface is disabled;
*) snmp – trap interface filter, multiple trap targets;
*) dhcp – added server support for IPv6 prefix delegation from /ipv6 pool,
client support is also added;
*) ipsec – support authorization with raw RSA keys;
*) added ipv6 prefix pools;
*) winbox – now copied item in ordered list is added right after it’s original;
*) pcq – fixed possible crash;

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  1. tom / Nov 3 2011

    Finally, was waiting for this!

    Almost all of my RBs exhibited the 100% CPU usage bug.

  2. Greg / Nov 4 2011

    I updated a single 750 and it bricked on me…hehe. I had to do a netinstall and it took 5.8 properly then.

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