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Jul 25 / Greg

Convert M4B to MP3

I listed to audio books…a lot. I used to commute around 200 miles a day. I then switched to commuting every other day. I did this for a couple of years. The ONLY reason I survived all of that driving was audio books. Even though I now live 15 minutes from the office, I still listen to them. I have an indash MP3 player in my car for this very purpose. I recently acquired a new book and it is in M4B format, which my car won’t read, so I needed to convert it. I looked for anything freely available and I did find one free one with what seems no strings attached. However it will only convert about 2 and a half hours…my files are 16 hours each.

I found that VLC has the ability to open M4B. If you click on file there is an option to:


You can then choose your output format, MP3, and save!


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  1. iam8up / Jul 25 2011

    Hmm what kind of car? =)

  2. Greg / Jul 29 2011

    A 2005 white Honda Civic…the dirt on it is the only thing holding it together…hehe

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