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Jul 5 / Greg

Mikrotik Newsletter 32

The PDF can be found here.


The omnitik is now going to be released. It is a cute little mimo omni outdoor radio, but also has a 5 ethernet ports. The only downside(and only an opininon) is that it is an A/N radio. I would like to see a B/G version. I would love to see the B/G version for golf courses and the like.
7.5 dBi antenna
400 Mhz proc
MSRP $119

Webfig Skins

They talk about webfig skins. This gives you the ability to customize the webfig interface. The only downside is that you don’t have the option to make the base page load straight to webfig when you browse to the router. It still loads to the generic Mikrotik screen which gives you the menu options for webfix/winbox/etc.

Wireless Options Simplified

They’ve merged ht-extension-channels into the channel-width option.

SXT Reflector

They highlight a 3rd party reflector that you mount the SXT on that narrows the beam with down by 20 dBi…25 down to 5. They are saying it buys you an extra 7KM.

Nothing really blowing my skirt up, but at least more product is hitting the market.


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  1. N.R. / Jul 5 2011

    Newsletter #28 or 32 ?

  2. Greg / Jul 6 2011

    I’ve really got to stop attempting these in the middle of the night…hehe. Thanks for the sanity check.

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