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Jul 11 / Greg

AFK…Commissioning A Datacenter

Hey guys and girls. I will be ignoring you all this week as I will be turning up a new datacenter. That and I’m putting on airs. I’ll be snubbing my nose at you while drinking with my pinkies up. If you guys want to follow the progress I’ll most likely be posting up some action shots as we build this joint. We technically received the keys last Friday, but who does any work on a Friday?

I’m going to be dropping in a couple of fully loaded Cisco 7609’s with sup 720 3BXLs. These connect via 10gig to a pair of 3560-Es. I’m also dropping in a pair of ASA5520s in HA mode with some 3750s for server aggregation. I’m also installing a 3560POE to turn up our handfull of users and phones.

I’ll later be dropping in some WAPs…I’m thinking we will most likely use the UBNT unifi’s.

Anyway, bye for now. 😉

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  1. Marek / Aug 3 2011

    Hi Greg! Very nice blog, with great photos! More more more ! 😉

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