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Jun 27 / Greg

Mikrotik ROS V5.5

Looks like your standard round of bug fixes, though I’m sure there are some that weren’t listed.

What’s new in 5.5 (2011-Jun-20 14:43):

*) console – resolved problem that appeared in version 5.4. it caused
‘sup-output’ command to crash console on systems with many ethernet
interfaces or very long interface names.
*) serial console – do not automatically send login prompt to attached
usb modem if no other serial port exists;
*) winbox – fixed scrolling in terminal window;
*) webfig – encrypt whole session even in non https mode;
*) do not show contents of skin files to users without
‘sensitive’ permission;


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  1. O! / Jun 27 2011

    It should be a full changelog available, at least for certified personnel.

    There are to many unknown changes and we are spending way to much time tracking different issues that evolves from release to release.

  2. J.J. Boyd / Jun 27 2011

    I cant get gre to work properly after a power failure until I “Kick Start” the interface by disabling it & re-enabling it. Same goes for OSPF but only on X86 ???

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