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May 27 / Greg

Mikrotik V5.3-5.4 Released

I lumped these together because they were released within two days of each other 🙂 These are really just bug fixes, no real feature additions.

What’s new in 5.4 (2011-May-27 13:18):

*) webfig – do not try to open many windows
if first open was blocked by browser;
*) RB4xx ether1 port flapping fixed;

What’s new in 5.3 (2011-May-25 15:19):

*) snmp – fix table get next with partial row keys;
*) snmp – respond from correct source address when multiple exist;
*) snmp – fix possible interface disappearing when walking ipNetToMediaTable;
*) snmp – fix possible memory leak;
*) ipsec – flush SAs and inform peer when rebooting or shutting down;
*) openvpn – fixed crash;
*) implemented terminal in WebFig;
*) implemented Skin mode in WebFig;
*) added support for more Broadcom Tigon3 based ethernet cards;
*) winbox – fixed byte to KiB, MiB and GiB conversion
(digit after decimal point could be a bit off);
*) console – align numbers right in tabular print output;
*) fixed RB450G, RB750G switch chip slow ethernet problem;
*) fix vlan disable not taking effect;
*) userman – fix Authorize.Net payment bypass;
*) userman – added profile option to overwrite shared users option
in user settings when profile is activated;
*) userman – fix db backup if it’s size exceeds 2G;
*) wireless – merged ht-extension-channels in to channel-width;


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  1. Tim Payne / May 27 2011

    ROS 5.4 – Deployed in several RB433AH’s, an RB800, RB450G, and a RB411AHR…
    So far so good…

  2. Greg / May 27 2011

    Keep me updated. I know another crazy…ummm…brave sole testing it too. 😛

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