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Apr 8 / Greg

Mikrotik V5.1 Released

Looks like a small round of bug fixes. I would expect this to happen for the next month or so =)

*) ipsec – fix SA lifetime display when timezone offset does not equal 0;
*) ipsec – now default DPD interval is 2 min for new configurations;
*) webfig – make bandwidth-test work;
*) fixed problem – wireless package got disabled after upgrading from v4;
*) sstp – fix problems on multicore systems;


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  1. Tim Payne / Apr 9 2011

    Now that Webfig doesn’t sem to work, can v5.2 be far behind?

  2. Greg / Apr 9 2011

    How ironic. I was just marveling over webfig on version 5.0. Seems pretty boss…can’t wait to try it on my android.

  3. Justin Wilson / Apr 9 2011

    I can’t seem to get the torrent to kick off. Connect to 20 peers but never downloads. Any repository I can download from you know of? The links on the MT site are also broken.

  4. Dave / Apr 14 2011

    Something is wrong with WDS as well. I updated and all looked well, and then the phone started ringing………

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