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Mar 31 / Greg

V5 Is Live!

What’s new in 5.0 (2011-Mar-31 11:33):

*) route – fixed cause of crashes when handling multipath routes;
*) route – fixed limit on maximum active IPv6 route count,
was causing issues with more than 2000 active routes;
*) ipsec – added command kill-connections under remote-peers;
*) ipsec – fix responder side phase2 negotiation problem
which prevented more than one Windows7 host to initiate SA;
*) fixed vrrp – interface was invalid after undoing remove;
*) winbox – added more detailed /interface ethernet stats;
*) winbox – added ability to send e-mail;
*) winbox – added missing ‘set-metric’ parameter
in ‘Routing/Prefix List’;
*) wireless – 802.11 dynamic distance fix;
*) fixed problem – packages could not be uninstalled if disk was full;
*) fixed problem – some of the RouterBOARDS did not reboot properly sometimes;
*) fixed problem – VLANs on bridge interface did not work;
*) ssh – client supports public key authentication;

I expect a lot of rapid succession V5 updates as they fix issues. I’m the consummate pessimist, so I won’t be using V5 for a few months at least. For all of you braver than I, let me know how it performs!


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  1. Omega-00 / Mar 31 2011

    Already running it on 3 sites as we received a pre-release v5.0 to fix a bug we’d encountered.

    Current issues (may have been fixed in the official release):
    – hotspot interface queues show in graphs (regardless of ip restriction in /tools graphs)
    – snmp v1 doesn’t seem to be working correctly (can’t poll remotely from our cacti server but doing an SNMP walk works sometimes)

  2. Greg / Mar 31 2011

    Andrew…I would never be surprised that you are on the bleeding edge. Thanks for the early reports Mr. over achiever.

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