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Mar 7 / Greg

Cisco 2600 + Mikrotik RB750

Whenever I need to terminate a T1, I’ll usually use a Cisco 2600. A 2610 with a T1 interface can be had for $60. I install these along with a mikrotik pretty regularly, so I thought it would be fun to rig the two together.

I decided to just mock up a face plate, though if you were so inclined I’m sure you could do it legitimately.

Match made in China

Make a paper template

Transfer that to cardboard

Trace on our holes

It's like magic

I cut the holes out all by myself!

Oh so shiny

Like a glove

Looks like a Cisco module...WoW!

You are so money, and you don't even know it!

As you can see from above, you can’t actually sell a 2600 router with cardboard and duct tape on it. I was really trying to use it as a proof of concept to see if it would even be worth messing with. I do think it looks kinda cool, but not cool enough to bother with 😉 Plus, if I don’t rig something every month or two, I’ll most likely go insane.


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  1. Omega-00 / Mar 7 2011

    You should tag all these posts “redneck” 😀
    That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy them immensely.

  2. Greg / Mar 7 2011

    I didn’t use bailing wire, otherwise the redneck tag would apply 😛

  3. alexo / Mar 9 2011

    I must say Greg you have a wild and imaginative mind at times… do you think you could get a “Made for Miktrotik” for this beast?

  4. Greg / Mar 9 2011

    If I thought they would actually give me the title, I would go for it…hehehehe.

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