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Dec 16 / Greg

Mikrotik Changelog V4.15

It looks like 4.14 introduced a nice little RB1000 bug and has subsequently been replaced by 4.15. If you have 4.14, I would go ahead and delete it just for safety’s sake.

*) upgraded broken RB1000 bootloader which was included with v4.14;


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  1. Omegatron / Dec 16 2010

    Sometimes I wonder what’s going on there.. surely you’d expect they’d at least check it on all their own devices before rolling it out? 😛

    Oh well, a reminder to all of us to test upgrades in office before rolling out to live sites!

  2. Greg / Dec 16 2010


    I’m still of the mindset that if you don’t need the feature set or to fix a bug, don’t bother upgrading. It can save us from these little unexpected treats 🙂

  3. Cory / Dec 16 2010

    Agree…if it ain’t broke…..don’t fix it! sadly I still have AP’s out there in the void running ROS 2.9…i’m afraid they will blow up if I try anything….hehe.

  4. Omegatron / Dec 16 2010

    @Greg They fixed a TrafficFlow (NetFlow) bug for me in v4.13 so after some testing that’s what I’m sitting at for all sites for the time being 🙂

    The bug, for anyone interested: TrafficFlow would send output for dynamic interfaces (pppoe, pptp, etc) even if ‘all’ wasn’t selected on the TrafficFlow output and you just had ether1 and ether2 etc.

  5. Justin Wilson / Dec 16 2010

    Hard tell what other things they tweaked which are not in the changelog.

  6. Greg / Dec 17 2010


    100% true my friend. I often enough tweak things while making large changes 😉

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