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Nov 23 / Greg

RouterOS v5.0rc4 Released

Well, RC4 dropped yesterday and here is what they have to say about it:

*) radius – fixed Disconnect and CoA response signature generation;
*) winbox – make double click work in text fields again;
*) winbox – allow to drag windows outside of main one to the left;
*) winbox – make some settings look more consistent;
*) winbox – allot to specify IPv6 address in routing filter prefix;
*) winbox – make possible to open IPv6 routes without crashing;
*) winbox – improved item reordering in long lists;
*) winbox – improved SNMP configuration support;
*) winbox – added support for KVM configuration;
*) winbox – added support for Traffic Engineering configuration;
*) ovpn – make ovpn client work with OpenVPN v2.1.3;
*) lcd – support Crystalfontz 631,633
also support for Crystalfontz lcd contrast setting is added;
*) console – fixed missing return value of the ping command when executed
from a scheduler entry;
*) console – ‘ping’ command with specified value of ‘interface’ always forced
“arp-ping=yes”, fixed;
*) routing – fixed problem with ‘check-gateway’ status update that could get
triggered when multiple routes with different values of ‘target-scope’
and ‘check-gateway’ referenced the same gateway IP address;
*) store – allow to use external disks;
*) modem firmware directory can be specified in /port firmware
Gobi users should change this setting or directory name;
*) ups – support USB UPS on RB4xx as well;
*) snmp – fix BER encoding for some INTEGER based values;
*) snmp – provide proxy stats using SQUID-MIB;
*) snmp – provide ups info using UPS-MIB;
*) snmp – provide external storage information;
*) wireless nv2 – add missing statistics fields;
*) wireless – add per-chain signal strength fields;
*) added hotspot html variable “host-ip”;
*) fixed pcq queue type;
*) fixed leds on RB750;

I was under the impression there was a firewall issue, and I don’t see a fix noted in here…not to say they didn’t.


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  1. Tim Payne / Nov 23 2010

    I loaded the x86 version last night. So far, it seems to be very good (for me). I don’t tax RouterOS as some might. The Firewall section for me seems to be working just fine. I really appreciate the new “Profile” feature that reveals the actual section loading on the cpu. I have since uploaded ROS to the two A/P’s that I monitor with good results so far. I’m sure there are a few quirks, but the only one I have identified so far is that Torch seems to default to “1” on port and protocol as opposed to “any” so they must be getting close to a good final release.

  2. Greg / Nov 23 2010


    Good to hear! I like the ability to run TOP on the router…should help troubleshoot for sure. What I’m really excited about is the ability to assign interfaces to specific CPUs!

  3. Omega-00 / Nov 23 2010

    There was another issue I’ve been told has been fixed (summarised here in my own mikrotik-changelog-style-point-form-with-to-many-dashes-in-the-predescription)

    – fixed error where dynamic interfaces (pptp, pppoe) would be included in traffic-flow data when only specific interfaces were selected

  4. Greg / Nov 23 2010


    It looks so official! Hehe, thanks kiddo.

  5. Tim Payne / Nov 26 2010
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