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Oct 29 / Greg

Mikrotik ROS V5rc3

Looks like a slew of emergency repairs. The change log is here.

*) wireless nv2 – fix stalls on encrypted 11n links using high rates;
*) wireless nv2 – fix encryption related kernel crash;
*) sstp – fixed memory leak;
*) fixed problem – bad boot/kernel crc was reported on powerpc boards when in fact it was good;

Again…beta software…use at your own risk!


  1. Tim Payne / Oct 29 2010

    They fixed the boot/kernal crc error. The firewall still acts goofy. They told me “oops”, that we’ll fix it in RC4… Stay Tuned…
    Can’t for the life of me understand why they would call this a “Release Candidate”… The beta software worked better.. Oh well, it is free after all.


  2. Justin Wilson / Oct 31 2010

    RSS feed now works

  3. Greg / Nov 3 2010



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