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Aug 10 / Greg

Mikrotik Newsletter 27

The PDF is here.

They are announcing the RB711 which has a built in N card. This board is also missing the power port and the serial port. It runs at 400Mhz with 32MB of RAM. There is also an “A” version of the board that kicks it up to level 4 license and bumps up the RAM to 64MB. They will be available with MMCX or uFL connectors.


Better Multicore support:
Starting with beta V5.6 they support up to 16 cores, up from 8. You can also assign each ethernet interface it’s own core for improved performance.

Nstream V2:
They are announcing their new TDMA based version of Nstream. They are boasting:

  • More speed
  • More client connections
  • Lower latency
  • No distance limitation
  • They have also added in some default QoS kung-fu that gives precedence to smaller packets to improve latency.

    I’m anxious to see how this performs after it gets a few months of run time 🙂


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    1. JJ / Aug 10 2010

      Nv2 Nice. Looks like mikrotik will be promoted on my network from routing only to more ptmp duties. I am still in love with the ubiquiti products. Just wish they could sure up the firmware problems a lil bit more timely. If Mikrotik would release routerOS for ubnt gear that would be the bees knees. I will keep hoping hehehe. Do you know if they are going to outline anywhere their secret sauce? Ie. What kind of hocus pocus they are actually doing with qos?

    2. Ricky / Aug 10 2010

      Got an email from poynting also, they will be adjusting the mikropoynt with mmcx for the new 711 boards. It’s in development now. Those two will make for a very cheap cpe! I am sure by the location of the mmcx, and what I can see for a possible u.fl, the pigtail on the mikropoynt will have to be a little longer. I will keep bugging them till I get a free sample to test. 🙂

    3. N.R. / Aug 10 2010

      Not only every ethernet, every IRQ of every ethernet. So you can have 4 cores per card, just like in that screenshot.

    4. Greg / Aug 11 2010

      Ha! Keep me in the loop kiddo!

    5. Greg / Aug 11 2010


      That’s bananas. 10Gb anyone?

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