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Aug 3 / Greg

Ubiquiti 900Mhz Announced And Others

My boy JJ tipped me off to this. It looks like UBNT has finally announced their 900Mhz Airmax line. They’ve got a locostation and a 120 degree sector to go along with it. Since this is MIMO, they are saying that you can get between 20Mb and 100Mb through these guys. I think most people would be happy to get 3Mb hehe.


Looks like they also are doing some 3.65 stuff and an indoor AP.


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  1. JJ / Aug 5 2010

    Very Nice! Indeed. I have what seems to be accurate pricing info too.

    Rocket M900 — $169.00USD
    Nanostation Loco M900 — $129.00USD
    Airmax 13dBi 120 Degree Sector — $279.00USD

  2. Greg / Aug 5 2010

    Bananas! You said a couple months before it filters out to regular schmucks, right?

  3. steve / Aug 8 2010

    True, not yet in distribution but I have orders in place!

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