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Jun 20 / Greg

Job Posting – 3rd Level Mikrotik Engineer Costa Rica

I caught wind of this opening and offered to post it up to assist in the search…I do get the best engineers visiting my site after all 😛

We are a small systems integrator in Costa Rica providing internet services (and network management) for small hotels/condominiums.

We have about 10 clients that we provide voice/data services. Each client site has a RouterOS installation 3.3-4.10 either x86 or routerboard routers.

Each site has one or more WAN connection with load balancing and failover.

Each customer site has 3 primary private segments that share the WAN connection(s).

1) Operations Segment for accounting, operational computers; Very secure as it has sensitive data.

2) Guest Hotspot Services for public internet access (firewalled with Queu management and Hotspot/Userman/Radius)

3) Security segment for video surveillance/alarms/etc…

Our company has been working with Mikrotik RouterOS for about 7 years now and are somewhat proficient. However we are not networking engineers and so we often need help with more difficult routing changes.

We are looking for a reliable engineer to provide 3rd level support for our installations.

This is about 3-5 hours per week; assuming you are proficient/strong with Mikrotik.

We are not a rich US company, and cannot afford to pay US rates. Our budget for this remote support requirement is $200/mo (this equates to about 15$/hour)

We pay via Paypal, and even though we are a small Company we are reliable and trustworthy.

If you are interested in working with us remotely please let us know.

Contact Sean at smilligan(at) if you are interested.

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