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May 24 / Greg

Waterpark Part 3 – Phase One Complete

So I’ve got everything complete now save for the parent mister and the dump bucket. This means the swing sprayer, the drip pipe and the water cannon are fully operational.

Found these near the sprinkler valves. This is a PVC to water hose adapter! I'm using these for all hose connections.

I got the cheapest water hose I could and cut the male end off and put on one of these female ends. These screw on to the PVC adapters shown above.

Here's the completed hose for the water cannon.

Here's the little hookup hose for the water input.

Here's the manifold strapped down with 1inch and 3/4inch conduit straps.

Drip pipe running. Adjusting the valve allows for a drip or something equivalent to your shower head. 🙂

Swing sprayer in action. I might pick up some other heads just to try some different stuff.


Swing sprayer and drip pipe.

Cannon firing. At full pressure it aerosols a bit, so I might drill a bigger hole...hehe

If you were wondering why I did all's for that smile on my baby's face 🙂

Here’s a video of my best gal and my baby boy running from Pete’s assault!

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  1. Kristi Sowell (Mommy) / May 26 2010

    It is a lot of fun! We all love it. Thanks DD. You are the best! 🙂

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