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May 11 / Greg

My Waterpark – Part 2

So I’ve done a little more work.

My super accurate measurement system

My lazy-man's way of cutting PVC...I learned this one from my father in law...the king of riggers.

Here's the output for the dump bucket.

It appears that I may have been drunk in this picture...hehe

The brains behind the operation.

Building the manifold.

Another shot of the dump bucket pipe.

The long pipe here on the right is the feed to the dump bucket. It also has little holes drilled into the bottom of the pipe. This will make it spray down.

Shot down the dump bucket/drip pipe.

Drip/Spray pipe holes

Top of the manifold. You can see the sprinkler head mounted above the swing.

Sprinkler head above the swing can be changed out to find just the right amount of coverage.

Water cannon.

Water cannon mount. I used a 2inch conduit strap on a 2X4. I have it mounted loose with a small V cut in the wood.

Shows movement of the cannon. The bracket is tight enough to hold the cannon on, but loose enough to allow movement.

Small hole drilled into the end of the cannon. Have to test and see if we need to up the hole size.

Here's the valve on the cannon. I drilled holes in a little 4 way piece of pipe, and also drilled a couple holes in the valve handle. I wired the two together. This gives my boys more leverage to turn the valve and also acts as a nifty handle for the cannon.

The art of lashing isn't dead. It worked for thousands of years, and it still works quite well today. I'm going to cover the wire with some material to keep little fingers out of it, though.

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