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Apr 19 / Greg

Panduit Jack Blocker and Cable Locker

So the Panduit rep was here with one of our customers and he had a few things to show us…he just happens to keep this kind of thing in his pocket ;). He showed us the port blocker and the cable locker.

The little port blocker guy is a tiny blue piece of plastic that fits into any RJ-45 jack. They make a special little tool to remove the blocker. The idea is you can block out seldom used ports in conference rooms and such.

I'm too lazy to write the model # down, so I took a picture.



Then you have the cable locker. You thread your cable into it and twist. The little locker holds the tab up so you can’t depress it to remove it.

Again, lazy.

The locker with the key inserted.

I'm the gatekeeper, are you the keymaster?

Inserted and locked

In the jack.

We did notice that using a precision screw driver, you can unlock these guys, but it will keep the casual wanker out.

Here is my lovely assitant, Jacob, showing you how everything works in video form.


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  1. Brian / Apr 19 2010

    Do those only fit into Panduit keystones or any port?

  2. Greg / Apr 19 2010


    These should fit into any jack…at least, that’s what I’ve been told.

  3. J.J. / Apr 19 2010

    Wow that video streamed like a dream…. Wait a min. It was on youtube. JabJab 🙂 Neat product.

  4. Greg / Apr 19 2010

    I hate you.

  5. Jimmy / Apr 20 2010

    Google shows that you can pick up a 10 pack for ~$25. Seems a little expensive for how little plastic actually goes into it. Could be fun for a good practical joke nonetheless.

  6. Greg / Apr 20 2010

    Beyond all practical uses, Jimmy finds a mischievous reason to use them.

  7. nz_monkey / Apr 20 2010

    These look like a good product, but at that price I await the Chinese no-name products to appear.

  8. ged / Apr 23 2010

    Great clip guys !!
    I think i can use these; hwere do i get them ?

    Also, does anyone know of all tools that allow to make rg45 to Cat6 connections a bit less time consuming ?
    I can do a rg45 to Cat6 in about 3 minutes on a good day.
    If i get frustrated it take take 10 minutes; after 20 minutes i start to through toys out of my pram 🙂

    thanx G

  9. Greg / Apr 23 2010

    Ged, just google for the part numbers that you want. 🙂

  10. Brian / Apr 27 2010

    Jimmy and I discussed these further and decided the best use was cable locking someones laptop on both sides to a wall jack while they’re not paying attention.

  11. Greg / Apr 27 2010

    I’ve got two of these if you want to try it and provide video 🙂

  12. Ricky / Apr 29 2010

    I know someone is getting a Tripod for Christmas. Cool product however. I already buy these products and I can think of two or three places to use that.

  13. Greg / Apr 29 2010


    …your comment reads like every piece of spam I have ever gotten…hehe Next thing you will be telling me I need to increase something.

  14. Michael Wheeler / Aug 29 2010

    I used these at the last place I worked. They are a dream to keep the casual a**hole out, that thinks they know what they are doing.

  15. Dave / Jan 15 2012

    Po’boy RJ45 locker, use a cable tie around the connector but under the clip. No amount of squeezing will depress the clip.

    A used RJ45 connector from a trash cable can block a dead port, just make sure the connector has been crimped once to push in the gold teeth. Combine with the above cable locker method as required.

    You can replace a missing clip using two cable ties. Cut a small cable tie down to an inch and 1/2, shave the back of the cable tie head so it’s still square but now as thin as the rest of the cable tie. Secure to the connector using the the second cable tie (locker method), bend it forward so it acts like a spring, insert the connector and new clip back into the port. The shaved head of the cable tie will lock into the jack. Handy when you don’t have your crimpers with you.

  16. Greg / Jan 15 2012

    Thanks for the budget tip…love it.

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