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Mar 29 / Greg

Painfully Embarrising IT – Oh The Shame…

So I got a comment about a netflow collector a while back called scrutinizer by a company called plixer. This looks like a decent enough product, but that’s not what caught my eye. They had a link to some videos by “Mix Master Mitch”. This is some of the most painfully embarrassing IT stuff I’ve seen for a while. Be dazzled by Mitch’s dope raps.

This is the “netflow rap”. As you can see Mitch is developing his rap chops. Word.

Here you can see that Mitch has now established himself as a gangsta. All he needs to complete this video is a bottle of liquor and some big booty girls.

So, for our final installment, we have the 6509 export rap. This does actually have higher production value both in video quality and soundtrack. I’m still looking for the big booty girls, though. Also at 2:30, I swear that is a Glade air freshener stuck to the front of their rack…hehehe.


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  1. Phil / Oct 27 2010

    *waiting on gregs mikrotik rap*

  2. Greg / Oct 27 2010


    Keep waiting bub…it, like early retirement, isn’t likely.

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