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Mar 10 / Greg

TED.Com – Amazing Lectures

I know this isn’t really the usual technical article that I post, but this site is pretty, well, amazing. I’ve watched some amazing dancers, heard an Indian artist tell his story and even listened to an autistic woman speak about how her mind works like google images. All of it is free and most of it is less than 30 minutes.

Thanks to Normands for buzzing a link to a talk which ultimately got me browsing this site.


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  1. Brian / Mar 10 2010

    This is that site I told you about that is kind of similar:

  2. N.R. / Mar 11 2010

    Did you watch the speech by Dawkins ? 🙂

  3. Greg / Mar 11 2010


    Yes sir, I did watch the Dawkins speech. It helped me vocalize some ideas I had in my head and admit a few things to myself…hehe. I have a friend who saw him live a couple years back and said he is quite an interesting guy.

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