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Mar 2 / Greg


MUM Poland PDFs

RB1100 Guts...I like the new 400Mhz kidney

Here’s the new 250GS switch, which is rumored to be less than $100:

Another shot of the 750...wait...never mind.

Indeed it looks like the 750/G, but it is different under the hood. This guy doesn’t route, it will only switch.
This guy also runs the SwOS, switch OS. This guy is configured via a fairly simple web interface.

  • Port forwarding table – basically you can configure which ports can communicate with each other. Like the metro line of Cisco switches
  • Port lock – MAC assignment on a port. Like Cisco’s port security.
  • Port mirroring – Self explanatory.
  • Bandwidth limiting (in hardware)- This I like. I would really dig it if they ported this to the 750s.
  • VLANs – Your standard 802.1q support. Looks like you can get pretty restrictive on what VLANs traverse what ports, which is nice.
  • Broadcast storm control – Per port settings.
  • ACLs – 32 simple or 16 complex access lists. These look somewhat interesting.
  • I stole those details from this pdf. There are also screenshots with the PDF.


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    1. Brian / Mar 2 2010

      5 ports? What is the point?

    2. Greg / Mar 2 2010

      I’m not sure exactly, who they are aiming for with it?

    3. omega-00 / Mar 2 2010

      You’ve missed one of the important announcements as well 😛

      RouterOS 5
      – new kernel
      *** – support for IPv6 over PPP ***
      – support for MPLS over PPP
      – added support for SSTP VPN
      – new ssh
      – ssh supports forwarding
      – new Intel ethernet drivers
      – updated SMP support for multicore

      Can’t wait for proper IPv6 support for ppp services.

    4. Bagus / Mar 3 2010

      Is that SD Card readers ? on the RB 1100

    5. Greg / Mar 3 2010

      Indeed Andrew…hehe.

      The only interesting thing to me is the multicore support 😛

    6. Greg / Mar 3 2010


      I don’t think so…I believe it is just a doubled up ethernet port.

    7. N.R. / Mar 3 2010

      guys, you have the pdf, doesn’t it say “bypass support”? not “just” doubled up ethernet port. and yes, there is also two microSD slots

    8. Greg / Mar 3 2010

      Normis! What is bypass support? Since the tiktube video isn’t up yet, I’m not sure…?

    9. Greg / Mar 3 2010

      I know you didn’t just google me…snap!

    10. Greg / Mar 3 2010

      Looks like there are some internal relays that allow either an internal watchdog(hello that says “I’m alive”) or power failure to switch interface X over to interface Y when necessary (bypassing the device). This like a pretty sweet feature for bridge firewalls, bridged proxies, or bridged traffic shapers. A routed link really wouldn’t benefit from this. Cool new feature 🙂

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