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Feb 24 / Greg

New Equipment Announcement Polish MUM (matka)

– RB1100 13-port gigabit rackmount router
Looks like they are announcing the successor to the RB1K series. 13 port router…I hope some of those ports are SFP ports! I assume the form factor will still be 1U, but who can really say.

– RB250G smart gigabit switch with new SwOS (SwitchOS)
They’ve finally done it! They are releasing a switch, with SwOS no less. I wonder if we will still be winboxing into these guys…I’m going to assume we do until I’m told otherwise. I know 4.X has a different interface for the switching ASICs, so I’m thinking the SwOS will be built off of that. A manageable gig switch of…who knows how many ports. I’m hoping they go all the way and release a 24 or 48 port guy. Though they may be aiming more for a lower density, high function, low price gig switch.

Perhaps Normands can elaborate, if he is allowed to do so at this point? 😉


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  1. N.R. / Feb 24 2010

    hehe, you wish 🙂 what I can tell you, is that brochures and presentations are ready, as are bandwidth tests and other things. I have very nice pictures for some months already 😉

    Are you coming to the MUM, Greg? 🙂

  2. Greg / Feb 24 2010


    You know I had to try…hehehe 😉
    I knew you shot all the product photos, so I figured you were intimately familiar with everything.

    No MUM for me. We are taking a trip for my wife’s birthday, so it was MUM or that, soooo we are taking the trip. I plan to hit the state side MUM, wherever you guys end up having it. I wouldn’t complain if you hit Texas again 😉 I’ve got peeps I can stay with in Austin. Avoid Houston if you can!

  3. N.R. / Feb 24 2010

    Remember that we will (try to) have a live feed on tiktube 😉

  4. Greg / Feb 25 2010

    I’ll try and catch some, then 🙂

  5. Jimmy / Feb 25 2010

    I just want a 750 with integrated wireless….
    but the RB250G seems like it will be nice.

  6. Greg / Feb 25 2010

    I’m looking forward to the 750 wireless also 😉 I’m exceedingly interested to see any of it!

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