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Feb 22 / Greg

Endian Firewall – Community Edition

I’d not heard of these guys until a month ago. They have appliances and also a software based version you can install on your own server. Best of all, they have a community edition. I’ve downloaded a copy, but I’ve yet to actually test it. Here’s some of the features:

  • Stateful Firewall – Pretty standard
  • Intrusion Prevention – They have snort loaded in
  • QoS/Bandwidth Management – I’m curious how through this is
  • DoS/Port scan protection – I’m assuming at the click of a mouse
  • Antivirus/Antispam – I will assume clam and spam assassin
  • Web content filtering – Group based, URL blacklisting
  • Standard VPN options
  • Policy Based Routing – Seems odd that they would include this advanced a feature, but nice 🙂
  • Logging – Their logging seems to be pretty robust
  • Management – Web based, SSH or serial
  • Backups – You can schedule automatic backups of the system
  • Have you guys used this? I’ve yet to try it, but I do believe I will in the near future. I like the sound of their web filtering…heh.

    *EDIT* I loaded it in a VM so I could poke around a little. It seems ok. It’s not quite as intuitive as I would have thought. Some of the features configure a little funky, but it IS a kludge of many disparate systems, so one can’t really complain…plus it’s free 😉

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