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Jan 6 / Greg

Guess Who Came To Visit?


Got me a couple of books 🙂

They happened to be in the area, so they dropped by to say hello. I really enjoyed their presentation style and the Account Manager, Darian, is a pretty cool cat. I’ve always wanted to learn the Netscreens(Juniper firewall appliance), so it looks like it might be time to do it. From what I’m told, JunOS(the Juniper OS), has the firewall engine built in now. The JOS and the Netscreens are two separate animals, though. If I can get one, perhaps I’ll do a “30 days with a Netscreen.”

Security aside, the routing engine will be interesting to learn also. 🙂 They have some cool features, and I’m not sure which cover the NDA I signed, so I’ll just keep them to myself…heh. I do like the idea of a single code train that runs across all their equipment(almost all, some of their appliances run specific OSs). They do 4 major releases a year with maintenance builds in between. It also looks like you pretty much get everything with the OS, you don’t have to license every piece you want…which I think is pretty cool. I like the idea of being able to take a smaller, older piece of gear and being able to lab everything on it. Good luck building an MPLS lab with Cisco 1600s…hehehe.

*Thanks for the spelling correction Jimmy*


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  1. Jens Link / Jan 6 2010

    They also offer free study materials and exam vouchers for their entry level JunOS certifications ( and for those who know IOS there is an elearning course titled “JunOS as 2nd langauge” (

  2. Greg / Jan 6 2010


    Thanks for the extra info! I was thinking about picking up an entry level cert from them, and it looks like you might have just made up my mind for me…heh. BTW, congrats on hitting the 1 year mark…I think mine is quickly approaching.

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