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Nov 27 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 37 – London MUM 2016, Hardware, Mikrotik Bugs, INOG/IPv6

Greg, Mike, Tomas, and Tom ramble about a lot of things…we inadvertently spend a lot of time musing over Mikrotik and the mysterious version 7.

This week we chat about:
Unimus was at London MUM – update us
CCR1009 hardware change-no switchchip/more throughput
hAP lite new design/color
wAP Lte
Cavium chips (better CCRs?)
EdgeMax SFP+ Support
MTK Bug pre 6.22 upgrading to 6.37.0 or 6.37.1 – firewall establish/related removed
Juniper aggressive pricing
SpaceX satellite internet
ATT pole lawsuits
Mike wants SNMP DOM/DDM support for SFPs
Google outage in middle europe + east US
Ripe Training Courses…
A LOT of IPv6 stuff/nat64/dns64/dual stack

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Nov 13 / thebrotherswisp

TheBrothersWISP 36 – Telecom Mergers, Hidden System Accounts, Brocade, hEX

This week has Greg, Mike, and Tomas(just before he caught a flight), doing a little news updating. We spoke a lot about telecom providers acquiring each other, and why we think it may be happening(spoiler alert, we complain about it hehe). We also talk a little about hardware and security.

Topics include:

  • Trango hidden root account
  • WISP-Router closed up shop
  • Baicells supporting VXLAN
  • Cambium ePMP to support MAC-Telnet/MAC-SSH
  • Centurylink to acquire L3 $34B in cash
  • Crown Castle buys FPL FiberNet $1.5B
  • Private Equity buys Intelliquent (former Neutral Tandem, GTT bought the IP network)
  • CenturyLink sells DataCenters
  • Windstream buys Earthlink
  • GTT buys Hibernia
  • Lumos buys Clarity
  • Tomas Slovakian Outage
  • Mikrotik hEX V3
  • Broadcom acquiring Brocade
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    Nov 3 / Greg

    Mikrotik hEXr3

    If you look at the new newsletter this month, it basically reads as just an advertisement for the new hEX rev 3…and for good reason. For one, Andrew Thrift is excited about these things, which means they are something special.


    • 880 MHz CPU, 2 cores with 4 threads total
    • 256 MB RAM
    • Full size USB
    • microSD slot for “Dude server” support
    • IPsec hardware acceleration ~450 Mbps
    • Same form factor
    • Same price ~$60

    So as you can see it occupies the same footprint, so it’s the size/shape that I love. The real upgrade is the proc. It’s a MIPS(MT7621A) that has dual cores which is reported to give you 4 threads. That’s a fair bit of processing power in a small/cheap package. It’s due to this they say, ad nauseam, that it is “Dude server ready.”

    They’ve been making updates to the dude, and it seems evident they are committed to bringing it up to snuff. They even placed a microSD slot on this device for fast/persistent Dude DB writing(up to 128GB). I’ve been attempting to run the Dude on an older 2011, with mixed results(it usually pegs the proc even with low utilization).

    It also boasts a full size USB port for 3g/4g or harddrive/flash storage. This could also be used as Dude storage or SMB sharing.

    Part of the chip design includes some IPSec offload which means you will can get accelerated encryption without murdering the processors. Looks like some of their testing shows 225Mb unidirectionally. It seems they’ve taken some of Alex’s exhaustive testing to heart, and are ensuring that packets are not being reordered.

    They are saying that with routed 1400B packets they are getting 1972Mb of throughput. I’m guessing this means under real world conditions with some firewalling and possibly some queuing you should be able to get ~500Mb+ of throughput.

    This honestly sounds like a solid tower router. Small power/formfactor along with the standard MTK features. I can also see this as being a good managed router for business customers. I can imagine being able to replace 90% of datacenter customer WAN routers with one of these…hehe.

    What are your thoughts guys…good, bad, ugly?

    Nov 1 / thebrotherswisp

    Wispapalooza 2016 – Presentation Wrapup

    Greg, Mike, Miller, and Tom talk about the show in general and some of the presentations. We ask the question “Can anyone have too much Tom in their life?”

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    Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

    Nov 1 / thebrotherswisp

    Wispapalooza 2016 – Hardware Wrapup

    Greg, Mike, Miller, and Tom talk about some of the hardware at this year’s Wispalooza; and yes Miller…we talk about LTE hehehe.

    This cast we talk about:
    LTU and other UBNT gear
    RF Elements
    Amarillo Wireless
    Cambium Networks
    Final Thoughts

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    Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

    Nov 1 / Greg

    Bulk Mikrotik Usermanager Import

    The Mikrotik Usermanager is a radius package you can optionally install on a router. This gives you the ability to locally or remotely authenticate users for: Hotspot, PPP, DHCP, Wireless, or RouterOS logins. It has some paypal/ integration, but the features are so limited I’d personally look at a different solution.

    It is actually a decent system for small standalone VPN authentication(you can allow users to create/modify users without having to login to the router itself). I recently had need to bulk import users, but ran into some issues.

    Customers are actually admins that login to the administrative backend. Users are created to allow login to your various systems. When adding users you must specify a profile, and one doesn’t exist by default.

    First create a default profile. After you have a profile, it will automatically be applied to new users created through the webpage…but what if you want to bulk import via CLI? When adding users via CLI there is not direct method to add a profile to a user, which means anyone added will be unusable(just fantastic).

    The workaround I found is to create a template user via the web interface, then use the “copy-from” command via CLI. The copy-from command will copy the profile setting and apply it to your new users:

    /tool user-manager user
    add customer=admin disabled=no shared-users=2 username=MyUserName password=MyPassword copy-from=0

    I think usermanager is good as a simple standalone manager that gives a web interface for simple administration. Any of you guys have opinions, thoughts, questions, let me know in the comments.

    Oct 15 / thebrotherswisp

    TheBrothersWISP 35 – Blocking ICMP, Wireshark/Mikrotik Packet Sniffer, Open Compute Networking

    Greg, Tomas, and Alex do their best to pretend WISPAPALOOZA didn’t happen(since they were the only ones who didn’t get to go). This one is less news and more conversation/speculation.

    This cast we talk about:
    Budapest MUM
    Unimus in open beta
    Blocking ICMP
    Using wireshark with Mikrotik Packet Sniffer
    Using prefix-length in your route filters
    Open Compute Project – Networking
    Open Compute on packet pushers

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    To see the video please visit the link below!!!