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Apr 5 / Greg

Ansible Mikrotik Mass Configuration Fast – Mikrotik MUM US 2020

This is 30 minutes that will take you from zero to using Ansible for mass configuration of your Mikrotik devices. This will cover the very basics of Ansible, then follow with demonstrations on creating and using playbooks.

You can find my Ansible scripts in my GitHub repository.

Happy automating and let me know your thoughts!

Apr 1 / thebrotherswisp

Greg Talks 11 – Hollywood Dreams, Post-Covid Handshake, Media

Greg talks to Justin Burdine.

This week we talk about:
IT in Hollywood
New post Covid handshakes.
Working from home tips: have a dedicated space, follow normal routine, dress for work, voip phone, vpn via router, take some laps. If you need noise try music or podcasts, videos are pretty distracting.
The Last Leg on Channel4 in the UK.
Friday night dinner new season on the 27th.
Man I still really like Seinfeld. I can still watch and really enjoy it.
Great British pottery throw down…it’s alright.
Sales engineering is baller.
I got corrugated plastic, like in signs, to make some PB paddle cases for travel – not that I’ll be doing that anytime soon.

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Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

Mar 29 / thebrotherswisp

The Brothers WISP 108 – First Playbooks, Streaming Throtteling, VPNs

This week Greg, Mike and Tommy maintain a safe 6′ distance.

This week we talk about:
Greg has some of his ansible playbooks in github(ROS and firmware upgrade)
MTK private keys – wiki says to use DSA keys, but it’s actually RSA keys.
Online platforms for schools are getting hammered
DNSSEC-Lookaside auto key expiration…it broke a lot of resolution. Lookaside was redered moot in Sept 2017 with signing of roots.
Streaming video, game services to slow traffic
MBORC UK fiber provider is suspending SLAs during covid
2FA for VPN – use radius connected to 2FA service. MTK can only do 1 minute timeout.
Nick B is doing community sourced DNS testing, join the swarm why don’t you?
I threw away my CCIE book I used to pass the written…why was I holding on to it anyway?

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)

Mar 25 / thebrotherswisp

Greg Talks 10 – Project Management, Goals, STEAM

Greg talks to Stephanie Burdine today.

This week we talk about:
Project management
Education techniques
Creating goals and obtaining them
Women in IT

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Mar 23 / thebrotherswisp

Bob Beck Interview on OpenBSD, libTLS, LibreSSL with Tom Smyth at EuroBSDCon 2018

Bob Beck shares his experience of participating in the OpenBSD project. He patiently discusses aspects of the project he likes and enlightens us about the some of the methodologies OpenBSD use to root out bugs in the OS / general Eco System. Thanks Bob.

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Mar 22 / thebrotherswisp

Greg Talks 9 – New Job, STAR Interview, Master Pancake

Greg talks to James Burdine today.

This week we talk about:
Greg is now a Senior Special Solutions Architecht at RedHat….hhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooo
Short Sightedness of some management.
Best of the shitty chineese food.
4″x6″ pen tablet for online presentations
STAR based interview – Situation, Task, Action, Result
Cleaning and finding treasures. memphis stuff, bullet from storm drains. Threw away tons of old hardware and rando junk.
People are upgrading internet BW like crazy.
Master Pancake Theater is doing live streams on twitch!!!! Schedule on FB

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Mar 15 / thebrotherswisp

The Brothers WISP 107 – COVID-19, Static HTML, New CCRs

This week Greg, Tomas, Mike, and Nick A. join forces to create a giant robot…then we talk about stuff.

This week we talk about:
COVID-19…if we must talk about it
WISPAmerica and MUMUS canceled…I want to do some live streaming. Who would watch a replacement on twitch? I’m finishing my presentation.
-Most people have canceled their hotels fairly easily. I need to kill my MUM stuff.
Hangouts, Zoom, Cisco, Camtasia offering free copies for a few months.
What do you use for online presentations; I picked up a 4×6 pentab for $30
– What kind of programs do you use; I’ve been trying using paint 3D, and it seems to work pretty well.
Mr. Rogers said, “When I would see scary things in the news, mom would say ‘look for the helpers, there’s always people helping'”. How can I help?
Greg has his second CCNA course live now, go click the thing if you wanna support your boy.
FS is now selling wireless controller and APs.
Several of the guys like static HTML templates for basic websites.
– Tomas
– Ole
– if you don’t wanna deal with it, then go squarespace
We’ve been burned by this before, but it could be some new hardware hidden in the MTK v7 files
New to me packet flow explanation up on the MTK wiki

Here’s the video:(if you don’t see it, hit refresh)